About Unitronics

About Unitronics

Unitronics designs, manufactures and markets advanced control and automation solutions and has the engagement of Metrix Automation for distributors and support for their products in Australia. They pioneered the integration of the PLC+HMI all in one solution in the late 80’s and today have a unique value proposition in a broad range of PLC+HMIs suited to nearly any application. Unitronics continues to prove they are true pioneers to  the industrial controller market with continuous enhancement of configurations and integration features.

In addition to their reocognised PLC+HMIs hardware offer, the latest offer of stand alone PLC with a virtual HMI with industry 4.0 interoperability is a true testament to the innovation they bring to market. Their vast hardware selection also includes three families of VFDs, a broad array of local I/O expansion modules, remote slice I/O and complementary devices. Unitronics have three software programs (for different families of controllers) for all aspects of control, communication, access and visualisation. Utilities are also provided for different applications.

Unitronics PLCs range from micro-PLC+HMI units for simple control to complex controllers with advanced functions supporting enterprise level integration. A variety of onboard I/O configuration options are provided as well as optional communication modules to suit project requirements.

The Research and Development department at Unitronics are always investigating and implementing new innovations to make automation easier.